Tuesday, October 25, 2011

swallowed by / amazing lake.

And foolish me, who didn't know there is so lovely lake to see it, not so far away from my home,  every season in a year presents so much, I felt the joy in the heart walking around sleeves of Cerkniško lake.

With every step, new beautiful and breathtaking landscape was shown to me, and I felt so foolish I didn't went to this place before, It's three years already, that I enjoy taking photos of the things impress me, and Cerkniško lake overwhelmed me, like many other people, and we will return to that place in every season, in every year of our lifes, at least I hope so.

I absolutely was swallowed by its beauty, textures, fog around, grass, cracks in dirt that water leaves, roots that shows interesting shaping of life, colors of dry grass, wooden parts of plants, leaving there and resting.
Such an inspiring place, place to rest your mind, and meditate with nature. Pure beauty. My photos will not show the real beauty of that place, therefore, I can say, I capture some of my feelings.

Cerkniško lake /On some of the photos : Marina